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Jurerê was founded in 1985 by Arno Gesser. We began our activities with the production of heart of palm in a substance farming setting. Some years later, with the demand for new products, the company branched into the production of preserved vegetables, starting with the production of cucumber and beetroot.

The company is located in Rua Romilda Guedert no. 35, in the district of Vila do Salto, in the town of Luiz Alves, Santa Catarina. It now has a physical structure of 10,000 meters of built area, and ninety qualified workers, to better serve its customers. Today, with diversified production, we serve the whole South, Southeast and Northeast regions of Brazil.

Jurerê has its own planted area, as well as purchase agreements with producers in the region. We are constantly seeking excellence, through our commitment to the customer, using selected products, with hygiene measures and technology, to ensure a high-quality finished product.

To produce high-quality preserves, growing and innovating in a way that is in keeping with our responsibility to the environment, and providing satisfaction for customers, clients, suppliers and employees.

To search for excellence through our commitment to the customer, using selected products, with hygiene and technology, to ensure a high-quality finished product.

ETHICS: Harmony and good social functioning, respecting the rights and duties of people.
COMMITMENT: We value attitudes that generate a collaborative environment and ensure the growth of the organization, as a whole.
HIGH QUALITY: Working with quality products, with customer satisfaction always at the forefront.



We work with up to four lines of heart of palm cuts:

Core, Strip (for Royal Palm only), Slices and Chopped.

Core: This is where the best cut of heart of palm is found. It extends from the first piece (the inner core) to the fourth piece, where the palm becomes less soft as one slices through it. Used in aperitifs, salads and other foods.

Strip: This it is made from the last slices of the core of Royal Palm, as it often opens up. It is used in salads.

Slices and Chopped: These are the less valued parts, They are removed before the first and after the last cut of the core. Used for fillings, pizzas and stews.



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